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Common questions asked about our mission, using our logo, linking to us and more.

What is is an easy-to-search, free-access website designed to give you a centralized place to find information from U.S. local, state, and federal government agency websites. It's government made easy!

How do I get permission to establish a link to from my website? is the official web portal for the U.S. government. It is a public domain website, which means you may link to at no cost. In fact, there are more than 5 million direct links to We provide all official U.S. government transactions, services, and information from one convenient location.

We ask that when you link to, you do it in an appropriate context, as a service to your customers when they need to find official U.S. government information and services.

We encourage you to use our logo. You may download the logo in various sizes and formats.

We also encourage you to link to, the official Spanish language web portal of the U.S. government. We offer the logo in various sizes and formats.

When can I use the logo?

The logo is the official registered trademark for the U.S. government's web portal. The logo may only be used to link to the website. Placement of the logo is to be used only as a marker to the home page and not as a form of endorsement or approval from, the Federal Citizen Information Center, or the U.S. General Services Administration. If you would like to place our logo on your site to link to, you may download the logo in various sizes and formats.

Where can I find a graphic to use on my website? is a public domain website, which means you may link to at no cost. You'll find logo graphics on our Link to Us page.

What is the objective of's objective is to provide a free service, enabling the global community to easily and rapidly find U.S. government information that has been posted on the Internet. It offers a powerful search engine and an index of web-accessible government information and services to help you find what you need.

How do I contact the people who manage

You can Contact Us through our web form. Your comments will be sent to the website management.

Why create was created to save you time and take advantage of the simplicity and efficiency of the Internet. Most of the information you can find here has been on the web for a long time, but if you didn't know what you were looking for, or where to look, you couldn't find the answer to your question. Here you can find out which government office can address your concerns, and find direct links to relevant information and services.

What about privacy? Does the government know what I use to look for?

We will collect no personal information about you when you visit our website, unless you choose to provide that information to us. To learn more about the Privacy Policy, click on the Privacy link located at the bottom of each page.

How can I find more government FAQ's provides access to frequently asked questions across government.

How can I contact U.S. government agencies?

To contact a government agency, click on Contact Your Government by Agency or Contact Your Government by Topic.