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Public Service Announcement: "For The People"

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[Woman in recording studio, singing into microphone]:There comes a time in life when you need government information.

Man joins woman, singing in harmony: And you just don't know which way to turn.

[USA.gov banner in background]

Man, singing with (fervor--use plain lang word): Well, there's a place you can go to put an end to your frustration.

[Woman joins man] It's a site that everyone should learn.

[Man in uniform, excited sings] USA.gov!

[Man holding music sheet] Find your Social Security benefits online.

[Two men dressed as secret agents, in sunglasses sing in harmony, in deep, monotonous voices]: USA.gov!

[Woman police officer sings]: Our list of jobs will put you on cloud nine.

[Three judges sing in harmony]: USA.gov!

[Doctor sings earnestly]: Shop auctions for a minivan anytime.

[Three members of armed forces sing in harmony]: USA.gov!

[Woman singing while playing keyboards]: You can apply for a student loan.

[Secret agents, one sings while the other looks at screen shot of the USA.gov web site]: USA.gov!

[Sheriff sings excitedly]: Get energy savings tips for your home.

[Armed forces threesome]: USA.gov!

[Camera shows man and woman singing fervently together]: USA.gov!

[Camera shows woman playing keyboards]

[Man dressed as Abraham Lincoln says]: So great you just might get carpal tunnel syndrome.

[Man joins Lincoln and sings]: It's government made easy.

[Uncle Sam shown directing the entire group; everyone sings]: For the people, USA.gov!

[Shows entire group swaying to music and singing in unison; USA.gov banner behind the group] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! For the people, USA.gov!

[Screen fades to USA.gov logo and text that says USA.gov: Your official source for federal, state, and local government information. A public service announcement from the U.S. General Services Administration]: For the people! USA.gov!

[Song fades out; screen fades to black]