Family, Home, and Community

View family-related topics; get homeowner and community resources; and find maps.

  • Mortgages, Homes, and Housing
    Includes home buying and selling, mortgage resources, change of address forms, home hazards, and rental assistance.
  • Family
    Includes resources for parents, seniors, caregivers, and people with disabilities.
  • Vital Documents
    Includes information on replacing birth, marriage, and death certificates; Social Security and Medicare cards; passports; and driver's licenses.
  • Protect Your Privacy
    Includes information on medical, financial, and online privacy and avoiding unwanted calls and mail.
  • Help For Difficult Financial Times
    Includes tools and information on jobs, housing, healthcare, and credit and debt.
  • Consumer Protection
    Includes information on recalls, filing a consumer complaint, being a smart shopper, and more.
  • Community Resources
    Includes local information and resources, such as post offices, libraries, and schools.
  • Maps
    Includes local, national, world, and space mapping.