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  • BBB Small Business Advice: Your Company's Identity at Risk
    The Better Business Bureau is offering advice on how to avoid the different forms of business ID theft, as well as guidance for small business owners if their company's identity has been compromised.
  • BBB Warns Small Business Owners to Beware of Telephone Relay Fraud
    Better Business Bureau warns small business owners that reports of scammers plying their trade through telephone relay services -- typically used by the hearing impaired to make phone calls -- are cropping up all across the country. BBB has received reports from many types of businesses that received suspicious orders through TTY or telephone relay services.
  • Beware of Phony Invoices
    Unauthorized invoices and unordered merchandise continue to show up at places of business across British Columbia due to some misleading telemarketing tactics. Better Business Bureau would like to advise businesses that they need a trained and prepared staff for handling these slick sellers.
  • Businesses Beware of Mass Marketing Scams
    Illicit mass marketers know that the keepers of corporate funds may be just as susceptible to fake ploys as anyone else. And while business-oriented fraud usually results in losses of a few hundreds dollars the first time a company is hit, employees may continue to fall victim to these scams if the company has insufficient internal controls. Read on to learn more about the mass marketing frauds that are perpetrated against businesses and the steps a business can take to protect themselves.
  • Fraudulent E- Mails Claiming to Be From the FDIC
    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has received numerous reports of fraudulent e-mails that have the appearance of being from the FDIC.
  • Seven Scams that Target Small Businesses
    Being vigilant against fraud is not only important for a company's bottom line, it also strengthens customer trust in the business. Becoming a victim of fraud can have a negative financial and reputational impact on a business and the Better Business Bureau recommends owners train their staff to look out for seven common scams that prey on small companies.
  • Small Businesses Looking for Funding are Increasingly Becoming Victims of Fraud
    As the credit crunch bears down on the U.S., small businesses are forced to search for alternative sources of funding and Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns that business owners are becoming victims of fraud when turning to the Internet for loans and grants.