• Auto Auction Fraud
    The Internet Crime Complain Center has received a significant number of recent complaints regarding Internet auction fraud involving the sale of automobiles purported to be located outside of the United States. The typical fraud involves an auction for a vehicle said to be in Europe, and for which the buyer pays with Western Union or other wire transfer mechanism. The buyer does not receive his or her automobile in these auctions, and the money is not recoverable.
  • Avoiding Online Car Buying Scams
    When it comes time to buy a car, consumers are more empowered than ever thanks in large part to the Internet and its offerings of car reviews, online vehicle history reports, detailed car listings, and more. The Internet has also, unfortunately, given scammers a new venue to find auto-buying victims.
  • BBB Advises Used Car Shoppers: Do Your Research or You Could Be Buying a Stolen Car
    As more families look to stretch their dollar, buying a used car, instead of new, is increasingly popular. Unfortunately, some law enforcement are reporting that VIN cloning - which targets used car buyers - is on the rise and Better Business Bureau advises car buyers to do their research or they could unknowingly purchase a stolen car.
  • BBB Issues International Alert: BBB Name Used to Scam Online Buyers
    Better Business Bureaus have issued an international alert to warn about individuals misusing the BBB and BBBOnLine trademarks to extort money from online shoppers seeking to purchase automobiles. The BBB received an inquiry from an online shopper who was searching for an automobile on The shopper was sent an invoice by e-mail from someone posing as an escrow service that displayed a and BBBOnLine banner and listed several other BBB sites. The fraudulent e-mail invoice contains claims that the Better Business Bureau and are trusted, neutral third parties.
  • BBB Warns Car Shoppers About Online Dealer Scam
    Better Business Bureau is warning car shoppers to beware of websites offering too-good-to-be-true deals on repossessed cars. BBB has heard from people across the country who thought they were buying from a reputable dealer online but were actually sending money to scammers posing as legitimate, already-established community dealerships.
  • Phony Escrow Companies Defraud Car-Buyers Out of Thousands
    Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued an alert to warn online car shoppers that scammers are posing as phony escrow services in order to defraud consumers out of thousands of dollars. Internet thieves are now using escrow service fronts with some new twists to steal money and personal identities.