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  • BBB Warns Against Craigslist Ads Offering BBB Buyers Protection
    Better Business Bureaus across the country are receiving reports of a new scam on Craigslist that deceives buyers by falsely claiming BBB accreditation and participation in a phony buyer's protection program. BBB warns that there is no such thing as a BBB Purchase Protection Program and any online seller claiming participation in this program is scamming customers.
  • Caveat Emptor: Watch Out for Phantom Stores
    Most people are proud to say they would never fall for a phishing scam, that they would never give their personal and financial information away at fake banking sites, just because someone asked them to in an e-mail. But how many people will use that same common sense when a too-good-to-be-true bargain presents itself at a no-name online electronics shop?
  • Extortionists are Using BBB Name to Scam Online Buyers
    Better Business Bureaus have issued an international alert to warn about individuals who are fraudulently using the BBB name to extort money from online shoppers seeking to purchase "big-ticket" items advertised at "low ball" prices. BBBs i have received queries from online shoppers who were directed to use bogus Better Business Bureau services or received bogus BBB invoices when pursuing jet skis, cars, motorcycles and similar items that were advertised on auction, classifieds and other Web sites.
  • Online Auction Fraud:Don't Let It Happen To You
    Computers, sports memorabilia, rare coins, designer fashions, and even cars. These are just a few of the items offered for sale every day on legitimate online auction sites. They're also just a small sample of the items used to lure unsuspecting victims into online auction fraud schemes. The more common auction fraud examples are:overpayment fraud, wire transfer schemes and second-chance schemes.
  • Tips for Pittsburgh Penguins/NHL Fans Purchasing Playoff Tickets
    Consumers need to keep in mind that any seller they contact online, whether through a website, auction site or chat room, may or may not be legitimate. Consumers should also be aware that they may be dealing with a seller who is not licensed to resell tickets and may be in another state. Before choosing an online ticket broker or reseller, make sure your purchase is 100% guaranteed.
  • U.S. Marketing Company is Charging Online Shoppers Every Month Without Their Knowledge
    Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to closely check their credit card statements for mysterious charges that are cropping up by the thousands across the country. Upset online shoppers have contacted BBB about unwanted credit card charges that are ultimately being traced back to Connecticut-based Affinion Group, an affinity-marketing company that recently changed its name from Trilegiant.
  • Use Caution When Buying Michael Jackson Memorabilia
    Immediately following the announcement of Michael Jackson's sudden death, enterprising individuals began selling memorabilia online to take advantage of the increased demand. Better Business Bureau warns that the value of most memorabilia and commemorative items being sold is sentimental and the currently inflated prices for many items will drop over time.