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  • Arkansans Warned to Watch Out for Scam Artists
    As many Arkansans face the destruction caused by the recent storms, tornadoes and floods, state and federal emergency management officials are warning of a danger lurking around the corner: Scam artists could soon appear at your door attempting to take advantage of your vulnerability as a disaster survivor.
  • DOJ Officials Raise Awareness of Disaster Fraud Hotline for Reporting Oil Spill-Related Schemes
    As the Deepwater Horizon oil spill clean-up efforts continue and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) opens its doors, the Department of Justice is reminding members of the public to be aware of and report any instances of suspected fraudulent activity related to relief operations and funding for victims.
  • FTC Warns Consumers: Charity and Home Repair Scams May Appear After a Disaster
    After flooding along the Mississippi River and tornadoes in the southeast and midwest the Federal Trade Commission reminds consumers that scams often follow disasters. The agency warns consumers about urgent appeals for charitable donations, and cautions residents in stricken areas about fraudulent home repair offers. Insurance settlements and other relief are crucial for homeowners and businesses, but these funds also attract criminals.
  • How To Avoid and Report Scam Artists After a Disaster
    After disaster strikes, many businesses, voluntary, faith-based, and community-based organizations, government agencies and committed citizens come together to try and meet the needs of the affected individuals and communities. Unfortunately, disasters often bring out criminals who prey on the needs of disaster survivors by offering fraudulent services. If you suspect anyone - an inspector, disaster survivor, or someone posing as one of these - of fraudulent activities, call our toll-free Disaster Fraud Hotline at 866-720-5721, or your local law enforcement officials.
  • North Carolina Storm Survivors Need to Guard Against Fraud
    Survivors of the storms and tornadoes that struck North Carolina April 16 are being urged to safeguard themselves against another misfortune: disaster-related fraud. Unscrupulous people could be circulating in storm-damaged areas of North Carolina trying to get residents to pay for disaster assistance or for fraudulent repairs.
  • North Carolina Tornado Survivors: Don't be Victimized by Fraud
    Disasters bring out the best in people - and the worst. If you survived the April 16 severe storms and tornadoes, don't be victimized by scam artists who approach you in person or on the telephone.
  • Scam Artists Active After Alex Flooding
    The destruction caused by Hurricane Alex and subsequent flooding has brought out the scam artists, leaving many Texans vulnerable to fraudulent offers of help. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) urge residents to be aware of three scams that always seem to pop up after a disaster. Texans and everyone should know the following examples by no means exhaust the possibilities.