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  • Beware of Online Job Classifieds Used to Steal Your Identity
    FINRA describes the latest variation of the identity theft tale. Stock traders, posing as employees of a made-up Latvian brokerage firm, appear to have stolen personal information from individuals who thought they were applying for a job through the popular classifieds website, Craigslist.
  • Look for Seven Red Flags when Searching for Jobs Online
    People are increasingly turning to the Internet as a key tool. In 2007, 73 percent of job seekers reported using the online sources compared to 66 percent in 2005. While the Internet has made searching for jobs easier, it also provides an opportunity for ID thieves and scammers to take advantage of eager -- and unsuspecting -- job seekers.
  • Scammers Target Job Hunters in Weak Economy
    As the unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent, the Better Business Bureau warns that scammers are taking advantage of the opportunity by preying on the unemployed. Identifying the common red flags of a scam is one way for job hunters to protect themselves and their wallet.