• Fraudulent Mail Sneaks through the Cracks
    Foreign lottery promoters continue to target Americans with illegal lotteries by using new ways to avoid legal regulations. The latest scheme con artists are using is to send lottery letters in boxes shipped and labeled as cargo in anticipation of inspection by customs officials.
  • New Lottery Scam Fraudulently Claims to Be From Council of Better Business Bureaus
    Better Business Bureau warns that a new scam is fraudulently using the organization's name in order to steal tens of thousands of dollars from victims who are led to believe they have won a lottery. BBB has been notified an individual was contacted over the phone by someone claiming they were with the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB). The caller used the name Jacob Chasen and offered his phone number, however, it is not a BBB number. The caller indicated the individual had won a BBB lottery, but to receive the winnings, taxes and fees must be paid in advance.