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  • Exploiting the FTC Name, Scammers Promise Phony Sweepstakes Prizes
    In their latest effort to defraud the public, con artists claiming to work for the Federal Trade Commission are calling consumers and claiming that they have won a lottery or sweepstakes.
  • FTC Warns Against Sweepstakes Scammers Posing as Government Officials
    Putting a new twist on an old scam, con artists are posing as government officials when they tell consumers they have won a sweepstakes prize. Crooks also take advantage of Internet technology, which can make it appear that they are calling from Washington, DC, or the consumer's hometown while they tell consumers they represent the Federal Trade Commission or some other government agency.
  • If You Win a Sweepstakes, Just Remember This: Never Wire Money
    Imagine getting a letter from Publishers Clearinghouse that says you've won a million dollars. You might be so excited you wouldn't even question if it's legitimate. Con artists are counting on that. They're sending these official-looking but phony prize notices to people all across the country.
  • New Spin on Sweepstakes Scams; Scammers May Impersonate Government Agencies
    The Federal Trade Commission has issued an alert for consumers that sweepstakes scam artists may be impersonating government agencies in an effort to convince consumers that they have won a monetary 'prize.' The alert says that scammers, claiming to be from the non-existent National Sweepstakes Bureau, the 'national consumer protection agency,' and even the FTC, tell consumers that the supposed government agency is supervising the distribution of sweepstakes winnings. They also may give consumers a phone number at an actual government agency or use Internet technology to make it appear that they are calling from Washington, DC.