• Possible Phone Scam Targets Local Chinese Residents
    A possible telemarketing scam is targeting local Chinese residents. It has been reported to BBB that people have been receiving phone calls from a female Cantonese caller claiming to represent a Chinese company says that they are conducting "survey", and seeking personal information. After survey, the caller provides a code to remember for future prize claim.
  • Telemarketing Fraud
    Many legitimate companies and charities solicit consumers by phone. Unfortunately, con artists use the phone, too. They rob people every day, with phones as their weapons.
  • Unauthorized Fees: What's Hiding in Your Phone Bill?
    If you're a savvy consumer, you know how small charges can add up over time. You may regularly scrutinize your bank statement for overdraft fees, scan your credit card bill for hidden charges, and pay careful attention to shipping and handling every time you order something online. But you may not realize that unauthorized mystery fees can also hide in your phone bill.