Hopefully, since you did your research and asked smart questions of the sales staff, you have made a purchase that you are completely satisfied with. However, even careful buyers can run into unforeseen problems later on. To minimize them, follow these steps after you buy:

  • Make sure to get your receipt at the end of your purchase. Keep all contracts, sales receipts, canceled checks, owner's manuals and warranty documents.
  • Read and follow product and service instructions. The way you use or take care of a product will affect your warranty rights. 

If you encounter a problem with your purchase, you can write a complaint letter to the seller to explain your problem and how you would like them to resolve it. If the seller will not help you or respond to your complaint, you should then contact the manufacturer. Continue this process of reporting the problem in writing to industry trade organizations, local consumer protection agencies, and if necessary the Better Business Bureau, until your problem is resolved.