Subscriptions for TV Services

Do your homework so that you can select the TV subscription service that's best for you.

Compare Your Options

Many changes have taken, and are continuing to take place in the industry. Savvy consumers need to keep up with new rules, products, and services to make sure they are getting the best quality and taking advantage of the best offers.


You can start with a basic lineup of channels and go from there. The more channels you want, the more it will cost. You may want to consider video on demand so you can order movies and sports events and watch them when you like (usually within a 24-hour window). You can also buy a bundle of services that includes digital TV, digital phone and broadband Internet access at discounted rates. Bear in mind, however, that you may be asked to sign a contract for bundled services.

Satellite TV

This requires a dish that is mounted outside (service requires an unobstructed view of the satellite) and a receiver that is placed by your television. Satellite TV offers comparable channels to cable TV, and you can add a digital video recorder to record shows for viewing later. Check with your satellite TV provider for channel options and prices. As with cable TV, you may be asked to sign a contract for a package of services. One downside to satellite TV is occasional interference during periods of rain or snow. Find out if there additional fees for repositioning of a satellite dish to due to bad weather or for damages due to falling tree limbs.

Internet TV

If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you are already able to watch thousands of videos on your computer. Movies and TV shows are also available and becoming more prevalent as large online companies start distributing TV programming. You may even be able to connect your computer to your television so that shows you would normally watch online can project on a larger screen. Several services allow Internet streaming for a fee, along with free access to shows on network websites.