Business and Financial


Accountants and auditors keep track of a company's money; managers look at the accountants' reports to see how well their companies are doing.


Actuaries deal with risk; they decide how likely things such as death, sickness and disability are to occur, as well as the costs of these things.

Bookkeeping Clerk

Bookkeeping clerks keep and track of financial records. An organization keeps records of where money came from and where it was spent.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts help public and private companies organize their finances. They prepare budget reports and monitor spending.

Cost Estimator

Cost estimators figure out how much a project or product will cost; this helps business owners and managers decide whether to build a structure or manufacture a product.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts help people decide how to invest their money.

Loan Officer

Loan officers help people apply for loans; this lets people do things like buy a house or a car, or pay for college.


Statisticians help to design surveys and experiments; they also collect, analyze, and interpret numerical data.

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