Support for Congressional Staffers

If you are a Congressional staffer, find out how the family of services can help inform your constituency.

Free Publications for Your Office and Constituents

Make sure your team and the people you serve don't miss out! Visit the congressional publications order form for dozens of free titles in print, from health and housing to money and jobs. Many are available in Spanish. Order copies to use around your office and in bulk to give constituents at special events or office visits.

In addition to distributing publications from across government, and also create their own publications you can order and share for free. The Consumer Action Handbook and Guía del Consumidor are popular publications offer practical tips on protecting your identity, avoiding scams, saving money, and resolving consumer complaints. Share copies of the Handbook or Guía with constituents and use copies around your office to help manage casework.

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Online Resources for Congressional Offices and make it easy for everyone to find U.S. government information and services on the web in both English and in Spanish with a quick search or by asking questions by email or chat. Both sites have active social media communities on Facebook (English and Spanish), Twitter (English and Spanish). helps your office's social media and web teams discover effective ways of serving and connecting with constituents online.

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Last Updated: March 15, 2018