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Passports and Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn the rules and recommendations for traveling to, from, and around the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find information on changes to passport processing.

COVID-19 International Travel Advisories

COVID-19 international travel rules change frequently. Check with the Department of State for travel advisories and get recommendations from the CDC before making any international travel plans to or from the U.S.

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Rules for Everyone Entering the U.S. 

U.S. Citizens Traveling to a Country Outside the U.S.

For country-specific COVID-19 travel rules including testing and quarantine, check the embassy's website.

See the CDC's COVID-19 guidance for international travel including:

  • Risk assessments by country

  • Frequently asked questions about canceling or postponing trips

  • Advice for airline and cruise ship travel

Passport Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Find the most up-to-date information from the Department of State about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting passport services. This includes in-person appointments and how much time to allow for receiving a new or updating an existing passport. 

Foreign Nationals Traveling to the U.S. From Another Country

Most foreign nationals who have been in China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and certain European countries within 14 days of their scheduled arrival in the U.S. will not be allowed to enter the country.

U.S. Citizens Remaining in a Country Outside the U.S.

U.S. Citizens Returning to the U.S. by Land or Sea

U.S. citizens traveling to the U.S. by land or sea aren't required to get tested for COVID-19 or show their vaccination status before entering the U.S.  Check with the U.S. embassy travel fact sheets for Canada and Mexico to stay aware of updates to travel requirements. Also check the COVID-19 rules in the city or state where you are entering the U.S. 

U.S. Travel During COVID-19

If you're traveling within the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic, be aware of safety guidelines and travel restrictions for the area you want to visit.

Tips for Traveling Within the U.S. During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has created a list of things to consider for vaccinated and unvaccinated people before traveling within the U.S. during the pandemic. 

Check the state government and state health department websites of the place you want to visit. Some things to look for are:

  • A coronavirus cases-by-county map

  • The state’s masking guidelines

  • Any restrictions on out-of-state visitors. There may be limits on who can enter and/or a 14-day self-quarantine requirement.

In some states, additional rules are being made at the city or county level, so check the local government website too.

Many museums, aquariums, and zoos have restricted access or are closed during the pandemic. And many recreational areas including National Parks have COVID-19 restrictions and mask-wearing rules. Check with your destination for the latest information.

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Last Updated: October 26, 2021