Engineering and Science Career Videos

Watch videos of government employees in different science fields. Find more information about different science careers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Video: Aerospace Engineer

Meet Acey, an engineer for NASA. He talks about his job and building the James Webb Space Telescope.

Video: Archeologist

Check out archeologists Joy and Kate as they explore the Best Farm in Maryland. See what artifacts have been uncovered and the tools they used.

Video: Brain Scientist

Meet Dave. He is a scientist who studies the brain and how addiction affects the brain.

Video: Communications Engineer

Meet Adan, a telecommunications engineer for NASA.  He talks about his job and the MMS mission.

Video: Learn Coding and Build a Future

Meet Elaine, a developer at 18F who talks about what coding is and where you can learn how to code.

Video: Marine Biologist

Meet Chris Meyer, a scientist from the National Museum of Natural History. He talks about the ocean and his favorite animal the cowrie snail.

Video: Website Developer

Meet Elaine, a website developer with the General Services Administration. She helps make the government easy and available to everyone online.

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