Entertainment and Sports


Actors perform in stage, radio, television, video, or movies. It's hard for most actors to find steady work. Only a few become famous. They also teach in high school or college drama departments, acting conservatories, or public programs.


Announcers, sometimes called deejays, present music, news, and sports and may provide commentary or interview guests about these topics or other important events.


Professional athletes include baseball, football, basketball, and tennis players; golfers, ice skaters, skiers, stock car drivers, and rodeo riders: anyone playing a sport for money.


Coaches help people learn how to play a sport. They start by teaching them the basics and the proper form and technique.


Dancers express ideas, stories, rhythm, and sound with their bodies. Dancers work in musical shows, in folk, ethnic, tap, and jazz dances.


Musicians and singers compose, sing, and play music. They perform solo or as part of a group. They perform in sound studios and on stage.

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