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Get Help with Government Contracting

Find out about the tools and support services available to help businesses contract with the government. Learn how to get your business ready by visiting the How To Become a Federal Government Contractor page.

Help Contracting with the Federal Government

Explore the tools businesses can use to search for federal government contract opportunities, and learn about the support services available.

Search for Federal Contract Opportunities

These tools can help you find contract opportunities that are right for your business:

  • Visit the the Contract Opportunities Search Tool on to search for opportunities. Search by keyword, agency name, and more. Use filters to narrow down the many listings to what is best for your business. Accounts are not required to view contract opportunities. However, you can create an account to save searches, add your entity to an opportunity's Interested Vendors List, and receive automatic updates when opportunities change.
  • Businesses can apply to search and compete for contract opportunities posted through the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules Program. This program is responsible for the largest government-wide contracts, and handles ten percent of the federal government’s contract spending. GSA operates over 30 different Schedules and each one covers a different type of supply or service. To get on a Schedule, your business must complete the following steps:
    1. Order a past performance evaluation (PPE). Your business must have a current PPE to get on a GSA Schedule. This report is created by surveying some of your past customers. You must provide names and contact information for six to 20 of your past customers when you register and order a PPE.
    2. Look up the appropriate GSA schedule number for your business, product, or service.
    3. Once your business is on a Schedule, you must apply or submit information to solicitations electronically using eOffer/eMod.
    4. When your business is awarded a contract, make sure you know how to effectively manage a GSA Schedules contract. GSA has resources that can help you learn about your responsibilities as a contractor, and strategize to maximize the potential of your contract.

Support Services for Federal Contractors

Explore ways to learn about federal government contracting, and find out where to get your questions answered.

Do Business with the Military

Find out how your business can search and compete for contracting opportunities within the military.

Do Business with State and Local Governments

Learn how your business can search and compete for contract opportunities with states and local governments, and U.S. territories:

Find an Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

Many federal agencies have a dedicated office to help small businesses search and compete for contract opportunities within the agency. These offices are known as either an Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) or an Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP). They may hold informational trainings and outreach events, or provide contact information for businesses to use to ask questions about contracting with their agencies.

Sell to the Military

Find out how your small business can get a contract with the military. Follow these links to visit the OSDBUs or OSBPs for each branch of the military:

Sell to a Federal Agency

Find out how your small business can get a contract with a specific federal agency. Follow these links to visit the OSDBUs or OSBPs within top federal agencies:

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Last Updated: April 24, 2019