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Feel free to link to pages on from your website. Here's how to do it.

Link to ( is the official guide to government information and services. It is a public domain website. You may link to at no cost.

When you link to, please do it in an appropriate context as a service to your customers when they need to find official U.S. government information and services. We encourage you to use our logo, which we've provided below. Placement of the logo is to be used only as a marker to the homepage and not as a form of endorsement or approval from, the Technology Transformation Services division, the U.S. General Services Administration, or the U.S. government.

We also encourage federal agencies to use the U.S Web Design System's identifier component to link to The identifier includes the link to plus all the other required links that all federal websites need to have.

You can also to link to USAGov en Español, the official Spanish language website of the U.S. government. We offer the USAGov en Español logo in various sizes and formats.

Place the Source Graphic into Your Web Page

Select one of the images below to use on your website and save it to your images directory. Generally, you can save the image by right-clicking on it and selecting your browser's "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" command. Please copy the graphic to your website and change the IMG SRC address to use it from your web server. In the examples below, the image was saved in the '/images/' directory.

Black logo

High resolution logo logo

If you have any questions about linking to, the use of the logo, or want more information or promotional materials on, please email us.

How to Cite

As the official guide to government information and services, is happy to be a source for reliable, direct information for your research paper. Here are some examples of how you can cite in some of the most popular attribution formats.


Title of specific document. (Last update or copyright date; if not known, put n.d.). In title of website. Retrieved date, from URL of specific document


Presidential Election Process. (2017). In Retrieved January 30, 2018, from

Find more information about APA citations.


“Title of specific page.” Source. Last modified use the last modified date provided in the lower right corner of every page in month day, year format. Link.


"Presidential Election Process.” Last modified January 30, 2018.

Learn more information about Chicago style citations.


“Title of specific page”., use the last modified date provided in the lower right corner of every page in day abbreviated month. year format, Link


"Presidential Election Process.", 30 Jan. 2018,

See more about creating an MLA citation.

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