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Field Trip to the Money Factory Lesson Plan


Teach students about U.S. Currency and how it's made.

  • Discuss the history of U.S. Currency
  • Learn how and where money is printed

Time Required: 60 minutes

Recommended Grade Level: 4-6

Topics: History, Math


Ask students what they know about currency.

  • What kind of coins are there?
  • What are some of the major bills we use today?
  • What Presidents do you see on U.S. currency?

Review resources for background information on the history of U.S. Currency.


Watch the Field Trip to the Money Factory video (also on YouTube)

  • Assign video quiz (PDF) for students to answer while watching the video (Answer Key (PDF))
  • Discuss answers

Show students the security features designed in the $100 bill.

Provide students with coloring supplies and paper. Have students design their own bill and allow them to choose presidents and images that they think represent America.

  • Have students discuss the reasons behind their designs with the class.

Extension Activity: Have students pick a country and learn about the currency in that country.  How does it look different than U.S. Currency? What is the exchange rate?


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Last Updated: July 15, 2019