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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

Visit to learn the steps to prepare for and deal with natural disasters and national emergencies. This includes important advice for:

Create an Emergency Plan 

Learn how to make a plan, including building an emergency kit with basic survival items, before disasters strike.

  • Family emergency plan - Learn how to find shelter, plan an evacuation route, and maintain contact with family members. 
  • Make your own emergency kit - Find out which supplies and important items you should pack when building your own emergency survival kit.
  • Prepare medications and medical supplies - Get information about preparing medications in the event of a disaster and what to do during a disaster if you have a disability.
  • Be financially prepared for a disaster - Gather important financial and medical information, keep an emergency savings account, and make sure your insurance needs are covered.
  • Pet emergency plan - Learn how to get your pet ready, build a kit with basic survival items, and more.
  • Business emergency plan - Get tips for preparing your organization for hazards, including identifying your risk, and how to stay safe from various types of disasters.

Get Weather and Emergency Alerts

Find tools and information to help get your home, family, and business ready to deal with disasters and emergencies.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2019