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Creating an Asset

Definition of Asset
An asset is a piece of text, media, or multimedia content that addresses a specific need and is succinct. An asset must be able to stand alone, but it can also be combined with other assets to complement specific content.

Text Asset

There are two main types of text assets:

  • Narrative Assets contain original content on a topic. It may be a short or an in-depth narrative. The short or in-depth narrative may also contain lists and/or sub-headings.
  • Directory Record Assets include contact and other important information for a specific organization. Enter all directory records into the existing template and follow the same format. 

Multimedia Assets (video, infographic, image, audio)

These assets can be used alone, or to illustrate or complement a text asset and can be associated with or linked to from another asset.

Style guidance for each asset will be covered in more detail in the accessibility section of the style guide when appropriate. See other guidance on how to make your video content accessible.

File Asset

Before you create a file to be published on the platform, check with the accessibility team ( for guidelines to help you comply with Section 508 accessibility requirements. Currently, we only use a Word file for the consumer complaint letter, but we may need to create other files in the future.

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