Public Service and Volunteer Opportunities

Find volunteer opportunities from federal organizations in your community.

Public Service and Volunteerism

Many federal organizations offer volunteer opportunities:

  • - Sign up for volunteer opportunites and create projects. Toolkits are available to help develop your ideas into projects.
  • - Start a volunteer project, send a message of thanks or give service hours to support our service members and their families.
  • - Find volunteer programs where you serve abroad and make a difference by working directly within communities to build capacity in education, health, environment and more.
  • - Get training in first aid and emergency skills and volunteer to support local emergency responders and disaster relief.
  • - Offers grants for service and volunteering; programs include the AmeriCorps, Senior Corps and Social Innovation Fund.
  • - Volunteer opportunities in America's natural and cultural resources, including national parks.
  • - Volunteer at a Veterans Affairs (VA) facility in your area.
  • Federal Election Volunteers – Become a Poll Worker - Assist election officials in your state.
  • Natural Resources Conservation Earth Team Volunteers - Work with private landowners to improve soil quality, conserve water, improve air quality and enhance wildlife habitat.
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Volunteers take part in research, observation and educational roles that benefit science and the planet.

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