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Find out how to partner with USAGov if you work for a U.S. government agency, a community-based organization, or the media.

The History of USAGov

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Who We Are

USAGov is a federal program managed by the U.S. General Services Administration. Our mission is to guide the public to information and services in English and in Spanish from hundreds of government agencies, departments, and programs. We make it easy for people to find answers to their questions on our websites, and USAGov en Español, or by contacting us via chat or phone. Our sites have active social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

How to Partner with Us

For U.S. Government Agencies

USAGov can help amplify your message. We can share your content through our digital channels, including social media and email, and collaborate on special campaigns and promotions. We can also participate in your online events such as live broadcasts and webinars.

We have around 1 million email subscribers and over 500,000 followers on social media..

USAGov is also available in Spanish at USAGov en Español. Our Spanish efforts include an audience of over 225,000 people on social media.

If you have a message that you want to disseminate, or a campaign or service that you want to promote, visit our partnership toolkit for more details and fill out the contact form for partners so we can be in touch.

For the Media

USAGov is your guide to information and services across the U.S. Government. We provide official U.S. government information across all our channels. We focus on creating content that is easy to digest for all audiences and answer the most common questions about government programs and services.

We also create multimedia, such as videos and infographics, in English and Spanish that explain government processes, services, programs, and more.

In our features section, you will find timely articles that you can republish. We just ask that you credit us. If you have other ideas on how to work together, let us know at

For Community-Based Organizations

USAGov provides official U.S. government information across many topics. Anyone, including community-based organizations, may reproduce our content. In our features section, you will find timely articles that you can republish. We just ask that you credit us.

In the past, we’ve teamed up with community based organizations on campaigns around a specific topic, such as financial literacy or health. If you work for a community-based organization and have ideas on how a partnership with the U.S. government can help you achieve your mission, email us at

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Last Updated: December 26, 2017