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PX Contact Center

Learn how the PX (Public Experience) Contact Center connects people with government information and federal agencies.

What does the PX Contact Center do?

The PX (Public Experience) Contact Center manages calls and chats for federal agency customers, including the USAGov program. Live agents answer questions in English and Spanish about government services, programs, and benefits.

How the PX Contact Center helps USAGov users

The PX Contact Center operates the USAGov Contact Center. Using a comprehensive knowledge base to research questions, agents can help you find information on government agencies, programs, benefits, services, and more. If they cannot answer your question, they will direct you to the government agency that can.

Learn how to call or chat USAGov with your questions

How the PX Contact Center helps federal agencies

For decades, the PX Contact Center (formerly known as the USAGov Contact Center and the Federal Information Center) has been a leader in providing efficient and effective contact center services to federal agencies.

The PX Contact Center offers:

  • Support through telephone, email, and web chat
  • Reliable services and technology
  • Ability to leverage existing agency infrastructure
  • Emergency response and 24/7 support
  • Multi-language support
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with self-service
  • Performance and analytics data
  • Program consulting
  • Program oversight
  • Quality assurance expertise
  • Reporting

If you are part of a federal program that needs contact center services, find out how the PX Contact Center can support you.

Federal agencies: get in touch with the PX Contact Center

LAST UPDATED: July 2, 2024


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