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How to get copies of military records

Getting access to military records can help with veterans benefits, ancestry research, and more. Learn how to get your own records or someone else's.

Request service records

1917 - present

Records for yourself or next of kin

You can request service records for yourself or for your next of kin (spouse, parent, child, or sibling). Choose one of three ways to request service records from the National Archives:

Records for someone not next of kin

You will need written consent from the veteran or their next of kin to access their full records. You can still access limited information about a veteran without their consent. 

Records before 1917

Learn how to access older military records from the National Archives.

Check the status of a records request

Contact the National Personnel Records Center to get a status update on a service records request.

Request military medical records

Military medical records are stored based on a veteran's branch of service and dates of service. 

Request military medical records using an online form from eVetRecs.

LAST UPDATED: June 26, 2024


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