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Visa Status, Renewals, or Problems

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Check the Status of a Visa Application

To check the status of your U.S. visa application:

Visa Denials

U.S. consular officers have decision-making authority regarding nonimmigrant visa applications. If the consular officer denies your application, ask them to explain why. While you are not eligible to reapply for a visa if the officer denies your application, you can apply for a waiver instead.

Loss or Theft of a Visa or Arrival/Departure Record

If you lost your visa or the Arrival/Departure Records (a Form I-94) to enter the U.S., the Bureau of Consular Affairs has guidance on reporting and re-issuance of travel documents:

  • File a police report and get the number of the report and the officer's name. 
  • Request replacement of a lost/stolen arrival/departure record (Form I-94).
  • Report the lost/stolen visa or Form I-94 to your embassy.
  • Report and apply for a replacement of your visa lost/stolen to the U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad.

Important Tip: Make a copy of your passport biographic page, U.S. visa and admission stamp or your I-94 admission number.

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Last Updated: October 24, 2022