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Find a Lawyer and Affordable Legal Aid

Learn what questions to ask when choosing a lawyer. And find organizations that give free legal advice and may help you find a free or low-cost attorney.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

Before looking for an attorney, decide what kind you need. Common fields include:

  • Criminal law

  • Family law

  • Landlords and Tenants

  • Labor and Employment

You can often talk to a lawyer for free for at least the first conversation. Ask questions about their experience and fees.

Find Free and Low-Cost Legal Help

These programs offer a variety of ways to get legal aid. Some limit their services to people with low incomes.

  • Legal Services Corporation (LSC) - Find legal aid in your community for  people with low incomes.

  • - Find free legal aid near you and get answers to your legal questions. These services are for people with low to moderate incomes. 

  • Law Help Interactive - This program helps you fill out legal forms for free, such as those dealing with:

    • Uncontested divorce

    • Identity theft

    • Visitation rights

    • Landlord/tenant disputes 

  • American Bar Association Free Legal Answers - This site lets people with low incomes ask questions online and have a lawyer answer them. They will not answer questions involving crimes. 

  • Pro Bono Resource Directory - Find pro bono lawyers in your state.

Find Legal Resources for Specific Groups

Military and Veterans

  • Stateside Legal - Find free legal help for military members, veterans, and their families.

People with Disabilities


  • Eldercare Locator - Enter your city and state or zip code to find local offices on aging and legal services.

  • Pension Rights Center - Get free legal help for problems with your pension, profit-sharing, or retirement savings plans.

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Last Updated: August 11, 2021