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Get or replace a military or veteran ID card

A military or veteran ID card shows your connection to the Department of Defense (DoD). It also gives you access to benefits and services. See the process to get each type of card.

How to get or replace a military ID card

Get a Common Access Card (CAC) for active duty and DoD civilian employees

Use the office locator to find an ID office near you and book an appointment. Use this tool if you need to:

  • Get a CAC
  • Replace or renew a CAC
  • Report a lost or stolen card

Call 1-800-538-9522 for help using the appointment scheduler.

Get a USID card for family, retirees, or reservists

Other people connected to the military can get a Uniform Services Identification (USID) card:

  • Spouse of a service member
  • Dependent children of a service member
  • Inactive reservists or National Guard members

Follow the instructions to get a USID card.

How to get or replace a Veteran Health ID Card (VHIC)

To get a VHIC, sign up for the VA health care program.

Replace a Veteran Health ID Card (VHIC)

You can replace your VHIC if it is lost or stolen. Contact your local VA medical center.

How to get or replace a Veteran ID Card (VIC)

A Veteran ID Card (VIC) gives you access to discounts for veterans. Check the VIC eligibility rules and the documents you’ll need to complete.

Apply for a VIC

Replace a Veteran ID Card

Email to request a replacement of your VIC.

LAST UPDATED: December 6, 2023


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