Locate Military Members, Units, and Facilities

Find a military member, unit or facility. Get guidelines on sending mail to servicemembers. Learn about those missing from current and past conflicts.

Locate U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans

If you are trying to find a military member:

Contact a Service Member in an Emergency

To reach an immediate family member serving on active duty in the military, contact the American Red Cross Emergency Communications Center.  The Red Cross will get information from you and relay it to the service member. You can reach the Red Cross by phone at 1-877-272-7337, through an online request,  or by smartphone using its Hero Care app

Find Someone Who Has Left the Military

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) maintains a website that might help you locate a veteran or service member.

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Mail Letters and Packages to Military Members

If you send letters or packages to a service member overseas, you must follow the guidelines and restrictions for all mail entering that country. These may include prohibitions on some foods, entertainment products and toiletry items. Find the restrictions for a specific military ZIP code, or get them when you create a USPS shipping label.


If you don’t have the member’s current mailing address:

Sending Care Packages

To send care packages:

Transit Times for Mail to Military Members Overseas

These standard transit times for letters and packages will give you an idea when your parcel should arrive, though weather, military operations and other factors may delay delivery. 

Need Help Sending Mail to Service Members?

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Commissaries and Exchanges for Military Families

If you are a military member, military retiree or family member of either, you can shop for less at the commissaries and exchanges on posts and bases.

Commissaries are grocery stores. They sell food and household items at cost plus 5 percent—about 30 percent less than most supermarkets.

Exchanges are like department stores. They sell clothing, electronics, home furnishings, etc.

  • They don’t charge sales tax.
  • Most have dry cleaners, barbershops, food courts, and more nearby.

Find an exchange in the U.S. or abroad:

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Last Updated: November 21, 2017