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Real estate and federal lands for sale by the government

Government agencies sell real estate and federal lands either by auction or offer. Federal agencies acquire these properties through foreclosure, forfeiture, or failed banks.

Government real estate sales and auctions

These federal agencies sell real estate on their websites or business partner sites. Some hold auctions; some accept offers.

The auctions below sell real estate, federal lands, and other types of government-owned surplus or seized property.

  • GSA Auctions - real estate, land, and lighthouses along with other government-owned excess property 
  • U.S. Treasury auctions - homes, land, commercial property, and other items forfeited by owners for violations of Treasury law
  • U.S. Marshals Service auctions - seized homes, condominiums, commercial real estate, and land in the U.S. and Caribbean, plus other items

Sales of federal land

You can buy excess federal lands by individual sale.

LAST UPDATED: December 15, 2023


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