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Agencies to notify when someone dies

After someone dies, notify the government programs and businesses they used. Cancel benefits payments and close or transfer accounts.

Government agencies and programs to notify of a death

You’ll need the person’s Social Security number and certified copies of their death certificate for most agencies and programs.

Financial institutions and other organizations to notify of a death

Report the person’s death to banks, credit card companies, credit bureaus, and other financial organizations. And contact utilities and places where the person had memberships and subscriptions. Learn from the Federal Trade Commission what to do about any debts the person had.

Death benefits from the government

After a family member’s death, you may be eligible for death benefits from the government. These can include:

  • Survivor payments
  • Educational or housing help
  • Military honors
  • COVID-19 burial reimbursement 

Use USAGov's benefit finder tool to find benefits you might qualify for.

LAST UPDATED: May 13, 2024


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