File a Travel Complaint

Find out how to file a complaint about an airline, travel agency, hotel, or U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Complaints About Travel

You can direct most complaints related to travel to:

Consult a licensed attorney or file a case in a local small claims court if the complaint is severe.

Complaints About an Airline

The nature of your complaint determines the agency you should contact:

Check out Fly-Rights: A Consumer Guide to Air Travel to learn about your rights and responsibilities as an air traveler and how to avoid problems. Topics include:

  • delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights
  • airfares
  • baggage
  • frequent flyer programs
  • travel scams
  • airline safety and security 

Complaints About a Hotel or Motel

To complain about service or accommodations at a hotel or motel, attempt to resolve the matter through the company first:

  • Direct your complaint to the establishment's manager or customer service line.
  • Contact the regional manager or another senior executive if you feel your complaint was not handled properly.

Complaints About Travel Agents or Travel Agencies

File your complaint about a travel agent or agency with the accredited membership organization to which the agent/agency belongs:

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