Burial and Survivor Benefits for Veterans

Learn about burial and survivor benefits for veterans and how to access them.

Funeral and Death Benefits for Veterans

Learn about  burial benefits for U.S. veterans and dependents from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration (NCA). 

Burial at a National or State Veterans Cemetery

Eligibility for burial at a national or state veterans cemetery in the United States and Puerto Rico is typically open to a:

  • Veteran of the armed forces 
  • Veteran’s spouse 
  • Veteran’s minor child 

Veterans and dependents buried at national and state cemeteries are eligible for headstones and markers.  

Additionally, veterans may be eligible at no cost for a:

Schedule a Burial at a National Cemetery

To arrange a burial at a VA national cemetery:

  • Fax all discharge documentation to the NCA at 1-866-900-6417 or email it to NCA.scheduling@va.gov 
  • Use the list from step 2 on the VA’s Schedule a Burial page for funeral details you need to know before calling the NCA Scheduling Office at 1-800-535-1117

Schedule a Burial at a State Veterans Cemetery

The VA does not manage burials at state, territorial, or tribal veterans cemeteries. Contact the cemetery directly.

Veterans Burial Benefits at a Private Cemetery

Veterans buried in private cemeteries may be eligible at no cost for: 

Funerals and Burial at Arlington National Cemetery 

Life Insurance and Survivor Benefits for Service Members and Veterans

Get information on military life insurance and learn how your family can get survivor benefits. 


Survivor Benefits Plan for Military Retirees

Your pension ends when you die unless you sign up for a survivor benefit plan when you retire. The plan offers a monthly annuity for your survivors. 

If you’re the survivor of a:

Benefits for Survivors of Veterans

You may qualify for survivor benefits from the VA if you are the survivor or dependent of a: 

  • Service member or veteran whose death was service-connected
  • Veteran whose total disability was service-connected but their death was not

What Other VA Survivor Benefits Are Available:

  • You may also qualify for CHAMPVA. In this health care program, the VA shares the cost of services and supplies with you if you’re an eligible beneficiary.
  • If you’re a Survivor Benefit Plan beneficiary, you may also be eligible for VA benefits.

For more information, contact the VA.

National Cemeteries

Learn about national and overseas military cemeteries and how to locate a grave in one.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)  maintains more than 100 national cemeteries across the United States and U.S. territories. To find the burial location of a veteran, use the National Gravesite Locator. Most of the cemeteries have a map to help you pinpoint the grave location before you visit. 

The most famous national cemetery is Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) near Washington, D.C. The U.S. Army maintains ANC. Besides searching for military graves there, you can also search for the graves of U.S. presidents and other prominent figures. 

Overseas Military Cemeteries

The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) manages overseas military cemeteries, memorials, monuments, and markers. Most of these sites honor Americans who served in World War I or World War II. The ABMC website can help you:

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Last Updated: April 4, 2019