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Get help paying for phone and internet service

Lifeline is a program that can help individuals and families get discounted telephone or internet service if they have a low income.

Lifeline helps pay for your landline, cell (wireless) phone, or internet service. See if you are eligible for Lifeline, how you can apply, and learn what to do if you have issues with your current service.

Find out if you are eligible for Lifeline

You may be eligible for Lifeline based on your income and household size or if you receive benefits from a federal assistance program.

See how to qualify for Lifeline.

Learn how to apply for Lifeline

There are three ways to apply for Lifeline: online, by mail, or through a phone or internet company.

If you apply online or by mail, Lifeline Support will try to confirm your eligibility. If they cannot, they will ask you for proof of one or more specific categories of eligibility. The Documents Needed page tells you what you can submit for each category.

Get help with your Lifeline service

The Lifeline Support Center can help if you have an issue with your Lifeline Service. For other issues, you may need to contact your phone company instead.

Get contact information for help with your Lifeline service.

LAST UPDATED: April 4, 2023


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