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File a complaint about cable or satellite television

Find out where to complain about your cable or satellite television service or provider.

Complain to your cable or satellite provider

If you are having problems with your cable or satellite TV billing, rates, or service, begin by contacting the company directly. 

Write a complaint letter to your cable or satellite company

If calling or web chatting the cable or satellite provider does not resolve the problem, you may want to write a complaint letter or email. Use this sample complaint letter as a guide to help you explain the problem and what you want them to do to resolve it. 

Submit a complaint to the government about cable or satellite problems

If you are not satisfied with your cable or satellite company's response, contact your local government or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Complain to your local cable franchise authority

Local franchise authorities accept complaints about cable rates, fees, signal quality, and customer service issues. These government authorities operate under different names depending on where you live.

  • Check your cable bill for the name of your local authority.
  • If you cannot find the name of your local authority on your cable bill, contact your cable company for the information. Or you can contact your local government to find the franchise authority’s name and contact information.

Complain to the FCC

The FCC is the federal agency that regulates cable and satellite services to protect consumers.

See this fact sheet from the FCC for more detailed information about cable service complaints.

LAST UPDATED: December 7, 2023


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