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Get help with bills after a disaster

Learn where to get help with utility bills, credit card payments, student debt, and auto loans after a disaster.

How to apply for help with utility bills after a disaster

Your local Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) may help pay your heating and cooling utility bills after a disaster.

Each LIHEAP office sets its own criteria and process for getting help after a disaster. Contact the LIHEAP office that serves your state. Or contact the LIHEAP office in your tribal area.

Get help paying your credit card bills after a disaster

If you cannot pay your credit card bill after a disaster, your credit card company may be able to help. Get tips on:

  • Finding ways to limit your expenses
  • Explaining your situation to your credit card company
  • Choosing a credit counselor you can trust

How to make student loan payments or complete college after a disaster

If you were impacted by a federally declared disaster, help is available if you cannot:

  • Pay your student loan
  • Complete your studies at the school where you are currently enrolled

Learn what to do if:

  • You need to transfer to a different school
  • You were not able to complete the school year
  • Your financial aid documentation has been lost or damaged
  • You are having difficulty making your student loan payments
  • Your student loan is in default

Get help making your auto loan payments

If a natural disaster has affected your ability to make car payments, contact your lender. Learn more about working out an agreement with your auto loan servicer.

LAST UPDATED: April 5, 2024


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