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State and local elections

Check for elections coming up in your area, including city mayoral elections. And learn about the types of state and local elections and candidates.

How often are state and local elections?

State and local elections can take place in any year at various times throughout the year.

Types of state and local elections and elected officials

Many state and local governments are organized similarly to the U.S. government with legislative, executive, and judicial officials. But how the government works and who and what you can vote for depends on your state, county, or city.

  • Legislative officials make local or state laws and can include:
    • Representatives in the state legislature which acts as the state’s law-making body similar to the U.S. Congress 
    • County council members who make laws and policies that affect local budgets, zoning, land use, tax rates, and other local initiatives
  • Executive officials generally enforce the laws and policies that legislative officials make. State and local executive officials can include:
    • State governors
    • County executives
    • City mayors
  • Judicial officials can include state or local judges.
  • You may also be able to vote on proposed local or state laws and policies known as ballot measures. Ballot measures that are created by citizen groups are called ballot initiatives.

LAST UPDATED: February 22, 2024


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