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How to pay and get help with state and local taxes

In many states, counties, and cities, you may have to pay taxes on income, property, and what you buy. Learn more about state taxes and who to contact if you need help.

Learn what state and local taxes you may have to pay

  • Income tax - The amount of state and local income tax you pay will depend on how much income you earn and the tax rate of the state or locality where you live. Currently, 41 states collect income tax on salary and wages.
  • Personal property tax - You may have to pay taxes based on the value of your personal property. Personal property can include cars, boats, recreation vehicles, and business machinery. Not all states or local jurisdictions collect personal property taxes.
  • Real estate tax - In most cases, you will pay your real estate tax to your local government instead of your state government. Your local government’s tax office assesses the value of your home, and the amount you pay can depend on your home’s market value, location, and condition.
  • Sales tax - The sales tax you pay is based on a percentage of the sales price of an item you buy. Most states and municipalities have a sales tax and charge different percentages on different goods, or not at all for other items.

Pay or get help with your state and local taxes

To learn how much you owe, how to pay, when your return is due, information about refunds, and how to get tax relief:

Your state and local government tax agencies can explain your rights as a taxpayer. Most also have a taxpayer advocate or ombudsman, who can help you with tax problems and complaints.

LAST UPDATED: January 5, 2024


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