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What to do if your W-2 form is incorrect, stolen, or you never received it

Your employer must send your W-2 form by January 31. This shows the income you earned for the previous year and the taxes withheld from those earnings.

Learn what to do if you never received your W-2, or if it is incorrect or stolen. Find out how to file a W-2 if you are an employer.

How to get your W-2 if you did not receive one

If you did not receive your W-2 by January 31, inform your employer. If that does not work, follow these steps from the IRS to get your W-2.

How to correct a W-2

If your W-2 is incorrect, follow these IRS guidelines to get a corrected one.

What to do if your W-2 was stolen

W-2s include personal information like your Social Security number. If someone stole your W-2 or any of your other tax documents, they may try to use them to file a return and get a fraudulent refund. Learn the signs of tax-related identity theft and what to do if your personal information was compromised.

How to file or correct a W-2 if you are an employer

Learn from the IRS about filing W-2s for your employees and how to correct errors.

LAST UPDATED: December 8, 2023


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